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emotional sadism

Kaya posted something about this on her blog today. Some of the scenarios that she suggested were pretty extreme. for example.

"He shows up with another girl in tow when they, as a couple, have never discussed seeing other people. What they HAVE discussed is that he can do whatever he wants, the specifics of which hadn’t been clarified. He ties his sub to a chair next to the bed, and proceeds to play with and fuck the other girl in front of her. It is the sight of his sub sitting there, heart shattering, silent tears of hurt dripping down her cheeks that fuels him on as he uses the other woman. "

i don't personally see how this kind of play can be consensual. i mean i won't say that it doesn't turn me on a little bit...the degradation and feeling like i'm just a fuck toy...but if someone brought in another girl when we hadn't discussed it i would walk out. i don't see how this exercise can help a submissive to grow. what is s/he supposed to learn from a situation like this? There are other less emotionally harmful ways to prove that You're a Master and You can do whatever You choose. 
i'd be interested to see what You think about the whole idea of emotional sadism (or masochism).

In other news my computer is back (it doesn't close now so it's more of a desktop than a laptop...grrrr) so i owe you three photos....

awww she looks so innocent and cute ;)

but it's possible she has some not so innocent fantasies (isn't this picture just gorgeous? i really want to make it my background...)

or some really naughty ones (those are the best, no?)   is it sad that my first thought when i saw this was...."i wonder how long it took to wash that off."? well i'm practical what can i say.



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